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Liturgigeek Muchkin Community
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Saturday, May 20th, 2006
4:23 pm
Church Abilities
elwe and I have actually been working on Liturgigeek!Munchkin today! We've gone through the Munchkin Bites! deck, getting a feel for the balance of powers and races. In fact, what we've discovered is that there's not too much of that at all...

Your feedback would be much appreciated, but here's where we've started -

No Patron Saints (minions)
Enthusiastic Evangelism: In combat, choose another player to help you. Discard 3 cards; each of you rolls a die. If you roll higher, they must help you without reward.
Once Saved, Always Saved: If a monster's bad stuff would cause you to lose multiple levels, lose only one.

Roman Catholic
Exorcism: May lose a level to cancel any curse, while not in combat.
Papal infallibility: Discard an item to specify the value of a die roll.

Holy Tradition: Before you break down the door at the beginning of your turn, you may choose to discard a card, and draw the top discard of either deck into your hand.
When you lose a level, you do not lose powers

Via media: You may discard 1 card to appear as any other group to monsters for that combat. Also, you gain a level whenever you help someone in combat.

[edit] We are thinking of making Anglicans thieves.
Friday, June 10th, 2005
12:11 pm
12:52 am
another eye

Got distracted playing Sonic2/3 with my neighbor then watching some redneck comedy thing, I don't know who with.  The guy who does "Here's your [stupid] sign."  He was funny...

Anyway, one more before I go to bed.  Lust:

Level 9
+3 to monster if you do not get the help of a player of the same sex as you.

Bad Stuff: You may not get the help of a player of the opposite sex in any way (including Community of Believers) until you have defeated a monster without help.

Hm, lust was difficult to do without being vulgar.  Let me know what you think of the symbols... I couldn't think of a better way, since a heart should be reserved for love!  Also I tried encircling the eye with male and female symbols (like greed) but it just looked silly.  I was also thinking about why I associate the eye with the Deadly Sins--maybe it's because I see the eye as a symbol for desire, and all the deadly sins are over-desires for things that God originally intended to bless us (personal skills, desire to emulate others, food, sex, a desire for right, money, rest.....).  Also, I think it's a way to avoid the Deadly Sins being either vulgar (as Lust could be) or stupid.  Then again, maybe my eyes are stupid :)

Hm, another thought... maybe for all of the Sins, the player who recieves Bad Stuff should have the option to die rather than accept the specific bad stuff to the card?  They are Deadly Sins, after all...

OK, really bedtime now.

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, June 9th, 2005
7:53 pm
More eyes

parelle asked in a comment to my last post what other eyes I would use for the 7 deadly sins.  They are, by the way:


I found some basic info about each on this website including associated colors, which are all (yay!) colors that fit with a relatively simple color scheme.  Light Blue is the only one that stretches it a little.  Bad Stuff could also be based on the Hell punishments, but "freezing water" for Envy just doesn't do it for a Munchkin game, so maybe not.

So here's my Greed card, complete with pic (made with Paint, just like I said)... hey Parelle, wanna make pretty for me?... Also, we might want to add lashes to Envy.  Greed just looked stupid without them.

Level 7 (level totally arbitrary, that could be changed): Greed
-2 to the monster if you sell 1000 worth of stuff, right now.

Bad Stuff: Discard 1000 worth of items, starting with items in play (on the table) before selling anything from your hand.  If you still can't make 1000, continue selling items as you get them until you reach or exceed 1000.

Current Mood: industrious
7:56 pm
Alright, here are the various cards xallanthia and I created, along with slightly changed verisons of the original two I made.  I've text for a few other cards, but no pictures yet. 

under here!Collapse )
Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
2:14 am
Liturgigeek Munchkin Wiki

The Liturgigeek Munchkin Wiki has been created!    If you haven't used a Wiki before, wikipedia.org is probably the best example out there.  I've only started the smallest, most general items, and some of the monsters in a listing. This can be great for listing ideas, show cards, and grouping information.  Feel free to add to it! 

1:40 am
Working on stuff....

parelle and I are here at my house working on cards.... we did the CHURCH for Catholic and Evangelical (neither of us knows enough about Anglicans to poke loving fun).  Please note if anything is unclear!

~Excommunication: Discard 2 cards to prevent any player from helping in a combat.  If used against a Catholic of a lower level, this ability can be used without cost.  If used at the same time as Evangelical Witness, the player of higher level is successful.  The unsuccessful player gets their cards back.
~Exorcism:  Remove Curse.  Discard entire hand (minimum 3) to lift all curses on a single player on that player's next turn.  (thus, this is only for curses that have long-term effects, such as Hungry Backpack (V), 1,000 Year Egg (Fu), Tourist Trap (V), Chicken on Your Head (V).
~They need a negative power, very very much.  Any Suggestions?

~  Cannot have patron saints.
~  Witness: Discard two cards to make any player of a lower level assist you in combat.  All treasure from the original monster is drawn face-up and then discarded.  Any additional treasure, either from wandering monsters or monster enhancers, can be divided as usual (or not, if you're not feeling generous).  If used at the same time as Catholic Excommunication, the player of higher level is successful.  The unsuccessful player gets their cards back.
~Community of Believers:  Any number of Evangelicals can willingly join another Evangelical in combat on their turn.  They cannot be forced by any means.  No other players may help in this combat.  Any assisting player also gains a level.  Yes, this is an exception to the one helper rule.

Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch (Item):  Begin by saying: "Bless this, Oh Lord, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy."  Then roll a die.  On a three, you may treat all monsters in combat as kills, gaining treasure and levels for each.  Otherwise, discard them.

Envy (Monster):  Level 5.  +3 against the player with the fewest items in play.  Bad Stuff: All treasures from your next combat mut be given to another player, or players, of your choice. 

Now we're working on pictures.  Turns out we can actually draw stuff, by combining simple shapes then outlining them with the paintbrush tool in Photoshop.  These are so simple, they could actually be made in Paint... although parelle had trouble with the right-hand side of the images, for some reason.  They fit the hand-drawn style and are simple to make.  People could be difficult, but we made the Holy Hand Grenade, which parelle will post when her computer has internet access.  It's supposed to look like the one from Worms 2 but it's not 3-D shaded:  

We also picked a color scheme, subject to approval.  We want to stick with simple shades--think a 12 box of Crayolas.  Door cards would be yellow, Treasures would be blue (since both Bites! and Fu are red). 

Saturday, May 7th, 2005
4:46 pm
The basics of Munckin: Race, Class, Styles, Powers
I know that not everyone here has played Munchkin before, though the majority have. The basic gist of the game is that you're an adventurer, out for wealth and fame. You wander through dungeons, fighting monsters, picking up treasure, and, lest we forget, backstabbig your buddy.
You start off as a classless human, with no class (hahaha) at level 1. The point is to get to level 10.

The mechanics themselves are pretty simple: there are two types of cards, door and treasure cards.
Door cards: monsters, curses, player attributes, monster modifiers
Treasure: Goodies - equipment, one-time use items, go-up a level cards, odd things.

In the category of Player Attributes, there are several cateogries, 2 usually in each game.
Race: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfing, Gnome
Class = Job: Cleric, Monk, Warrior, Thief, Wizard
Both of these add usually 2 ablities (thieves can steal items, Dwarves can carry 6 cards instead of five)
Styles = adds points to your fighting ablity: Toe-fu, etc (I'm not as familar with this concept)
Powers = adds powers: Have an extra card in your hand, have an extra minion, always get away, extra bonuses against Demons.
With the exception of Powers, you usually have only one of each type. There are cards which allow you to have more than one though. For Powers, the higher level you are, the more powerful you get.

For this verision, we'll need to figure out how much of this system we want to keep - or not! Race for us could correspond to the various churches (ha, I think I found a term that most people will agree with), but can we think of jobs to fit? Or is there a better way to do this?
Proposed ideas:
Patron Saint: 1 per player (2 for Catholics, None for Evanglicals*): give some benefit in ablity
Political: Liberal, Conservative, Moderate, Evanglical ?
Positions: lay person, elder, deacon, priest/minister/pastor
3:28 pm
Thought of another item....

Right, so I really can't get this game out of my head.  Really.  It's kinda makin me nuts.

So another item idea; think of it along the lines of "...of doom".  +2 "....For thine is the Kindom, and the Power, and the Glory Forever" (+5 if used with the Lord's Prayer)

I tried to talk to my roommate about this--she plays Munchkin and is a believer but she thinks I'm nuts.  Of course, I could *be* nuts....

Current Mood: amused
1:16 pm
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